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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Does India Co need foreign leadership???

As you may all know IBM’s PC division was bought by Lenovo – a Chinese company (surprise surprise!!!!).The $1.3 billion deal includes IBM’s famous Thinkpad laptop series. Lenovo will retain the IBM brand name on all the machines they manufacture and I am not sure if they have any plans to sunset the IBM brand in the PC business. Infact, IBM not only retained the brand name but also appointed IBM’s chief of PC division as the CEO of Lenovo. Lenovo recognized that their core competency is manufacturing quality computers and not executive leadership. It’s a less known fact that a lot of upcoming Chinese companies have outsourced their leadership to US!!!

Taking this as an example, the question I have is should India Co adopt a similar strategy? Most of the revenue for India Co is in dollars so having foreign leadership might make sense. The likes of Wipro and Infosys have hit the $1 billion revenue figure under Indian leadership. But will they need foreign help to take them to the next level? I don’t know the answer to any of these questions but realizing the opportunity is a big step in itself. A foreign coach did the trick for us in cricket, may be it’ll work in business as well.

Ref: New face of IBM - Wired Magazine
Photo : Wired Magazine