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Friday, July 15, 2005

Java easier than ever

The "Cool" index was too high for me to resist posting this. BTW, I would highly recommend buying spillage insurance (Yes, there exists something like that) for your laptop if you are considering the MugMouse.

If you look at this product from a b360 view, this is a very good example of innovation. Something that India lacks immensely. We are known to be cheaper, faster, better but when do we become innovators. If you will, India can be compared to Dell. India lets a technology become mature and then define processes to produce it at a cheaper price tag than their counterparts in the US. Dell adopts a similar strategy and has been mighty successful. The only difference is that we are still in the services mode and still havent gathered enough courage to become product oriented. But frankly, Innovation isn't going to happen until we start concentrating on developing products.

Ref : Engadget