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Monday, August 08, 2005

Corporate blah blah

Public relation and communication has never been more important especially since the emergence of all the news website, 24 hour news channels and don’t forget blogs. The saying - news spreading like wild fire begs to be amended to news spreads like bits and bytes. A very popular website during the dotcom crash was which survived due to the shear tendency of bad news spreading.

I frequently hear the senior execs saying there is nothing like over communication and I see their point. I would rather be blamed for over communicating something rather than being accused of being secretive.

Lets consider the recent legal battle between Grokster & MGM studios, The only reason the verdict went against one of the largest P2P company, Grokster, was some internal PowerPoint presentations that the lawyers found which encouraged sharing of copyrighted material. So it has not only become imperative to be selective in external communications but also what’s being circulated within the company.

Communications has gained so much traction that there are Ph.d programs in corporate communication and of course here’s a lesson in email etiquettes (what , no smileys in an email!!!!)