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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Grow up guys

It’s been 10 years since the Internet was consumerised by Netscape but for some reason India information portals like Indiatimes and Rediff still don’t get it. Indiatimes and Rediff are undoubtedly the top 2 portals in India but even then they are far from quality source of information.

To make my point , Check out the Indiatimes screenshot below (obviously, content might have changed)

What appalls me the most (besides the cheezy attempt to drive traffic by having a bikini clad female on the homepage) is that out of the 12 links under “Top Headlines”, three are cricket links, almost 5 links are celebrity or dating oriented. What sort of top headlines are these? Infact, Indiatimes reports more on how to score on a date rather than having “real news”. According to me, has become a “Page 3” website. is better when it comes to providing valuable content but it has to stop its teenager like behavior. For the first 10 seconds, a users screen is splashed with a flash based ad (typically, a matrimonial site ad) and the icing on the cake are the pop-up ads. Each time you click on rediff’s homepage you get a splash screen and then a pop up ad. Don’t they get how annoying that is?

Its high time these portal start caring about their consumers web experience but sadly I don’t see things changing unless a new competitor comes in.