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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Scalpel and a camera

There is a new phenomenon sweeping America – Medical Toursim. Medical tourism is concept where people travel to other countries and get dental, medical and surgical treatment while vacationing. The rise of this medical tourism can be attributed to the ever increasing healthcare cost in industrialized countries, reduced travel expenses, the improved medical services in other countries and the biggest of all is the cost saving. On an average, a heart surgery costs about $50000 in the US but the same operation can be performed in Mumbai’s best hospital for $10000 and a visit to the heavenly backwaters in Kerala.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that every country has its own “medical toursim” specialty. India is known Heart and ophthalmic surgery. The Indian government has been pretty co-operative in welcoming the foreign tourist by providing them with special medical visas.

Its surprising how organized this industry has become in such a short time. Its is estimated to become a $2 billion industry in the coming future.

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