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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Basking in glory

Vishal Gondal isnt a very known figure and until this rediff article nobody had really captured the good work he has been upto. I am not sure if this 28 years old, CEO of IndiaGames got a larger high when he got his 3.25 crore seed capital from Infinity and IL&FS or was it when China's Tom Online acquired 80% of the IndiaGames for $17.73 million.
Where were the media biggies when all this was happening? Agreed that it is not even half of what the Baazee buy out was but $17.73 million is no small amount either. This story is even bigger in my mind because I have met him personally. Infact, I think Genuisoid and Dhishum have met him too.
This happened when we arranging a computer gaming competition at our college in Mumbai. We had received a call from IndiaGames saying that they would like to meet us. Our first impression of their office was not the best. In 2002, IndiaGames was operating out of an office which could be easily mistaken as going out of business. During the short meeting he talked passionately about gaming, especially about mobile gaming and moreover he is a Podar alumni so we love him even more ;-)
In the rediff article he talks about how Indian's have to think beyong outsourcing and IT services which I totally agree on. Its time that we become a product developing company eespecially because thats the best way to encourage innovatation. It was heartening to read that a product company is doing well in India. Go IndiaGames !!