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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Do it the desi way

As mind blowing as it may sound, Indian military will be teaching warfare to American soldiers. 50 US military officers will arrive in India to learn low-intensity guerrilla warfare from Indian anti-terror experts in the jungles of Mizoram. Surprisingly, The Counter Insurgency Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) has already trained about 150 US military officers in Sept 2004. As put by an Indian military official, "The motto of this institute is to fight a guerrilla like a guerrilla."

I just hope that Indian military is charging loads of money for training all these foreign soldiers. Previously CIJWS had Bhutan, Nepal, and the Sri Lankan armies attend these courses but after the Americans started seeing the value in it, the French want some guerrilla “Gyan” as well.

Reference : MSN NRI edition