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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dumb & dumber

Business 2.0 is one of my fave magazines and recently it had published really cool story on the 101 dumbest things that companies have done. I dont think it must have been that difficult to compile this list. People do stupid things (that's how God made us) and companies are managed by the very same people.

You can laugh most of the things off when you read in the countdown but if you ask me #14 took the cake.
Dumb Act #14 : Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) funds a two-year study comparing its cholesterol drug, Pravachol (a BMS product), with Pfizer's Lipitor, only to blanch when the results come out in March: Lipitor actually does a better job of preventing heart attacks. After the report is published, the number of patients saying they're going to ask their doctors for Lipitor jumps by more than a third.
There is nothing better for a CEO to know that payed someone for two years to get statistcial data on how his product sucks and his competition is better !!! I am sure he called in sick for the next board meeting.