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Thursday, September 15, 2005

More you study, poorer you get

Geniusoid wrote a very eccentric post and I am just going to carry on where is left. We, Indian always like to get more and more education under our belt. Quite often you will hear about how proud a mother is because her son god into IIM-A,B,C.

But then from time to time when I come across articles like this one on rediff, I wonder if I have already ruined my life by getting a masters degree from a good school. The trick to almost guarantee success (of course I am exaggerating) is to get admitted into a very good school and then drop out. Check this article if you dont believe me. Gates dropped out of Harvard and Steve Jobs dropped out of Stanford.

Dont let education ruin your career ;-)
A few more examples of "uneducated" business tycoons