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Friday, September 23, 2005

Sports fashion

Beating some one in a sport is just not enough these days, it has to be done in style...I mean it in the literal sense. What would Anna kournikova (or sharapova these days) be without a colourful skimpy tennis outfit.. no seriously. The lady hasn't won a single title. What do you think she was famous for? (Guys, here is something you might enjoy).

Soccer has its set of fashion icons like Beckham (ladies, you might appreciate this) but the Italian soccer has spiced up its referees as well. Italian referee will be sporting a bright yellow and lime color jersey for this season.

All sports have their own fashion icons but what about cricket. We dont have a cricketeer whose a fashion leader? Last time I was in India, I had heard rumours about Tendulkar coming out with an apparel line, whatever happened to that? How come the fashion houses thought about leveraging the demi god status that our cricketeer have? I see some serious money to be made there.