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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is this real or what?

I stumbled upon this while casually browsing the net. Gaurav Sabnis, a blogger is being threatened with a law suit by IIPM legal department for writing negative things about the institution. Aparently this has become a huge topic since JAM MAG's editor, Rashmi Bansal, posted an article about false promises made by IIPM.

For me, IIPM made the worst move by getting a blogger invovled. Desipundit have taken this very seriously and are following this whole issue. I tried to do some investigating myself a bit about the IIPM's Arindam Chaudhary and here is something right from his website.
Professor Chaudhuri did his B.A. with Honours in Economics, Honours Diploma in Industrial Engineering, M.A with Honours in Economics, Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management (MBA) and Fellowship of I.I.P.M.
Professor Chaudhuri has been amongst the toppers during his B.A. Economics, M.A. Economics and MBA. He was the recipient of the Academic Gold Medal while completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management from IIPM.
How can one have all his degrees (including a gold medal) from the same institute. I wont say anything more and leave it to that. And BTW, What happened to "Freedom of speech"? Do we still have democracy in India?