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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Noises Off!

The 1992 Michael Caine Hollywood blockbuster is making its way to Mumbai….uh uh…not to Bollywood but into Mumbai’s Supreme Court!

What am I talking about?? Well, here goes a brief background……..

Come October and the 17 million people who call Mumbai their home, put on their best ethnic costumes, wear their smiles and step into the night to rock-n-roll…well… in the ethnic way, of course! For, the season hosts the nine day dance and music festival of Navratri (nine nights).

But, this year’s celebrations are a little different. For a petition filed by activists on behalf of the old, ill or the ones simply frustrated with the din, moved the Supreme Court to command - “Noises Off”.

The use of loudspeakers, horns or other instruments causing disturbance to society at large would be banned post
10 p.m. This ruling not only broke the hearts of millions of passionate tradition loving Mumbaiites, but also was a major blow to the SME business sector, including the event organizers, food stalls, musicians and other entertainers.

Distraught enthusiasts and businessmen together proved their passion for fun and festivities, when their objection to the ban, compelled the Supreme Court to make an amendment to its ruling. Under the new policy, revelers can be as noisy as they please until
midnight, but only on 15 nights each year. That definitely takes care of the nine during Navratri.

Well, Mumbai’s spirit wins once again…..and for now we do not really need - “Noises Off” (No offense intended to Michael Caine ;-) )