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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Flirting - It's All Business

"Girls – can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”
- Anonymous

According to me, men and women are two different species from the Manimal Kingdom. Though, biologically, only one chromosome separates the two, they seem to come from two different planets altogether.

Ask a man and he’ll tell you; girls will be girls – mercurial and hence unpredictable, especially when in a “relationship”. My years with Podar and Welingkars have reiterated this anomalous behavior of girls. Don’t get me wrong. It is not an unpleasant trait, but only when practiced in moderation. Men complain, “Just don’t keep us guessing all the time.”

Flirting, on the other hand is sans all these inhibitions. We (Men) are game for it. It is a healthy exercise. It hones your mind. You qualify as a good flirt if you have a good sense of humor. But knowing when to shut up is equally important.

A beautiful face with an arresting smile invites conversation. Go take the invitation. Be suave, not only in content but also in your mannerisms. You’ll notice that your eye brows do most of the talking when you hear her talk.

…But, flirting should be within the confines of its definition. That, flirting should not be taken personally falls in the purview of its definition.
Look, but don’t stare.
Like, but don’t love,
Reciprocate, but don’t seem too desperate,
Humor, but don’t joke,
Hear, but don’t listen.

Lastly, remember that she’s just an object of your affection. It was a pleasant accident that you bumped into her in a crowd. Don’t try to buy her attention by pitching yourself as a salable product. This obfuscates your mind and upsets your intentions.

Till the time you were flirting, nothing was personal; everything was business, as the godfather would have put it. You indulged in some friendly banter and you liked it. It held her attention. It boosted your ego. It was purely business.

Once you start expecting more than a smile and a few words that you want to hear, you’ve taken the road oft traveled which more often than not defeats the purpose of flirting. Your ego takes a beating. Flirt and leave it at that. Don’t sell (yourself), only advertise.